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Windows Explorer files

Recent Documents - This option clears the list Windows Explorer maintains of your most recently-opened files (see, for example, the My Recent Documents item on the Start menu).

Run (in Start Menu) - This option clears the list that the Start Menu's Run dialog box maintains of programs you've run from it.

Other Explorer MRUs - Windows Explorer also maintains Most Recently Used (MRU) lists for the following types of information: Find Files, Find Computer, printer ports, and streaming data. If you select this check box, CCleaner will also clean the breadcrumb records used by Windows 7 (breadcrumbs appear in the Explorer path box and display the path you took to get to a folder).

Thumbnail Cache - This option clears the Windows Explorer image thumbnail cache, which is maintained to speed up the browsing of folders containing photos and images. But it will also contain the thumbnails of images that are no longer on the system. (This rule is for Window Vista only.)

Taskbar Jump Lists – When CCleaner is minimized to the taskbar, clicking right mouse button on its icon you will show you Jump List Tasks of CCleaner.

Network Passwords - When you connect to a network using Windows Explorer, you can choose to save the network password. Selecting this option will erase these passwords.