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Internet Explorer files

Temporary Internet Files - These are HTML files, images, JavaScript files, and other files that Internet Explorer saves as you browse so that if you go back to the page, it can quickly pull the files from the disk instead of having to request them again from the server. For more information, and to learn where they are stored on your version of XP, see

History - Internet Explorer stores pages you've visited and the time and date you visited them.

Cookies - For a further discussion of cookies, please see the Choosing which cookies to keep topic.

Recently Typed URLs - Internet Explorer saves your recently-typed URLs so it can suggest them as you type new URLs with the same starting letters. This rule removes them.

Index.dat files - These files function as an index for the browser, and store temporary information about URLs, search queries, and recently stored files to speed up browser operation.

Last Download Location - Internet Explorer remembers where you downloaded the last file.

Autocomplete Form History - Once you've used Internet Explorer for a while, you'll notice that as you start typing letters into a text box on a form, it will present you with suggestions. Note: Using this cleaning rule will also deleted your saved passwords.

Saved Passwords - Internet Explorer stores passwords for pages you've visited.