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Find out how your storage space is being used

Disk Analyzer is a built-in utility which provides insight into how storage space is used on local drives and network drives. It searches through all available drives to display a breakdown of what type of files are using up storage and how much each file type is using.

How to find out how your storage space is being used:

  1. In CCleaner, click on the ‘Tools’ icon on the left and then on 'Disk Analyzer'.
  2. Select which categories of file you’d like to search for (or select ‘Everything’ if you’d like to search for all file types).
  3. Click ‘Analyze’. CCleaner will present a percentage breakdown of how space on your hard drive is being used, sorted by size.

To sort by file type, path or date modified, click on each header. Or to see a more in-depth analysis of how storage space is being used, click on each category to view a sub-category.

If your disk is full and you are considering deleting files or upgrading your PC to gain more storage, we recommend you run a clean first to see how much space can be freed up by deleting junk files.