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How to clean user data from non-standard Mozilla browsers

CCleaner natively supports Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Flock for cleaning. During the analysis process, CCleaner searches for data created by these browsers in typical folders. There are however, several other browsers that are based on Mozilla, and they may use their own folder location or structure.

You can clean the profile information for these other Mozilla-based browsers using one of two methods:

Note: CCleaner can only clean data from Mozilla-based browsers which use the same folder structure for profiles.

Method #1: Clean profile information using the CustomLocation entry in ccleaner.ini

You can enter as many locations for CCleaner to clean in the Options section of ccleaner.ini, but they must be in the following format:

CustomLocationX=FIREFOX|[folder path]

Where X is a whole number starting at 1 and going upwards.

Here is an example which specifies two Mozilla-based browser locations for cleaning:




  • The location entries must start at 1 and proceed sequentially upwards.
  • The folder path is case-insensitive.
  • You must use the term "FIREFOX" followed by the pipe symbol and the folder path.
  • You do not need to add entries for Firefox, Flock, or SeaMonkey

Method #2: Clean profile information using the Registry

Alternatively, you can add entries to the Registry which CCleaner will use when cleaning custom Mozilla browser profiles. To add Registry entries equivalent to the CustomLocation2 entry shown above, for example, take the following steps:

  1. Run the Registry editor (REGEDIT.EXE) from a command prompt.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Piriform\CCleaner.
  3. Right-click the CCleaner node and click New, then click String Value.
  4. Type CustomLocationX where X is a unique positive whole number (1,2,3 and so on).
  5. Double-click the CustomLocationX key. The Edit String box appears.
  6. Type the location in the Value data: text box. In this case, the location would be FIREFOX|C:\GeckoWow\profile\sam
  7. Click OK.