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6. Check the firewall for blocked ports

The following ports are used by the Endpoint Agent for the connection with the Management Server:

  • UDP 41352 and 41453 - for Endpoint Agent auto-detection
  • TCP 10268 - for communication with the Management Server

You must make sure that these ports are not blocked by the firewall on the Endpoint running the Endpoint Agent and they are accessible from the Endpoint running the Management Console.

If you are using Windows firewall please consult Windows help (it can be opened by pressing Windows key+F1) to find the information how to turn it off or add certain services/ports to the exception list.

If you are using a 3rd-party firewall application, consult its manual or contact the manufacturer to get the information how to do so.

Note: If the computer running the Endpoint Agent has an external IP address, there are free, web-based tools to check whether certain ports are accessible from the remote machines.

If you don’t know whether an Endpoint has an external IP address, if it has any of these IP addresses, it is internal:

  • 10.X.X.X
  • 172.16.X.X – 172.31.X.X
  • 192.168.X.X