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Generating Reports

Generating a report

  1. Expand the Network Tree to the Reporting item.
  2. Select a report, and then select Run report.

You can now work with the report, customize it, and print, email, or export it.

The Management Console stores previous versions of reports, which is useful for historical and comparison purposes.

Viewing a previous version of a report

  1. Select the report in the Network Tree.
  2. In the Report box in the right pane, select a previous version of the report.
  3. Select Run report.

Once you have run a report, you can do four things with it in the right pane of the Management Console:

  • Change the report view by selecting Options and then choosing a BarTable, or Pie graph. (Note that not every type of report view will be available for every report type.
  • Print, email, or export the report by selecting Print/Export.
  • Create a temporary Group by selecting Create temporary group.
  • View a historical version of the report by selecting an older version from the Historical Reports drop-down box.