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You can schedule Defraggler to run once, daily, weekly, monthly, or on boot-up for an Endpoint, group, or Network.

If possible, schedule Defraggler to run in that Endpoint’s off-hours (for example, in the evening, off-shift, or on the weekends, depending on the work schedule).

Scheduling Defraggler

  1. In the Network Tree, right-click an Endpoint, Group, or Network, then point to Defraggler and select Settings.
  2. In the Defraggler settings window, select Enable scheduled defrag.
  3. Select the frequency to run Defraggler, and specify any additional settings.
  4. Select OK.

For scheduled defragmentation, the Task Scheduler service must be running on the  Endpoint.

CCN - Defraggler Settings

Specific settings are as follows:

Frequency Notes
Once The Endpoint(s) will be defragmented once on the date and time set.
Daily The Endpoint(s) will be defragmented every X days starting from the date and time specified, based on the Run every day(s) setting.
Weekly You can specify exactly which days of the week the Endpoints will be defragmented, and how often (in weeks) it will repeat.
Monthly You can specify exactly which days the Endpoints will be defragmented (either numeric days, or days of the week), and which months to repeat.
At Startup The Endpoint(s) will be defragmented at every boot. Please note that this may take some time.