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Maintenance Tasks

Suggested Maintenance Tasks

We suggest you implement the following maintenance tasks:

  • Auditing or reporting on a regular basis, and tracking trends over time
  • Regular cleaning of Endpoints, Groups, and Networks
  • Regular defragmentation (CCleaner Network Professional only)


Ideally, you should schedule auditing/reporting, cleaning, and defragmentation to occur in the off hours for each Endpoint. If you are using LDAP or have defined your own Groups, you can segment your maintenance tasks by Group, which is useful if different Groups are in different time zones or shifts.

Also, CCleaner Network is a lightweight application, but cleaning (and especially defragmentation) can increase resource usage on Endpoints. Performing these tasks after hours reduces any possible impact on productivity.

Lastly, you may want to inform users before and after the fact that a cleaning/defragmentation process will occur. This is also helpful if employees usually shut Endpoints down at night, since you can ask them to leave their PCs on.