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Editing Endpoints, Groups, and Networks

To edit an Endpoint, Group, or Network

  1. In the Network Tree, right-click the name of the Endpoint, Group, or Network.
  2. Select Edit HostEdit Group, or Edit Network.
  3. Make the changes, and then select OK.

In this context, "editing" means changing the basic properties (name, credentials, connection) for Endpoints, Groups and Networks. You can change the following properties:

  • Endpoints - Display name (displayed in the Network Tree), IP address/host name, custom credentials, whether or not the Endpoint is a non-Windows host
  • Group - Default credentials (which user account to use), Group name (if you are using LDAP, you cannot edit the Group name)
  • Network - Connection name, Host name, Port, Password, Automatic connection setting (whether to automatically connect to the Network when you start the management console).

You can also edit advanced properties for each Network.