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Registry Cleaning Rules

You can specify which Registry items CCleaner cleans or leaves alone for a Group or an Endpoint using the check boxes on the Registry tab:

  • ActiveX and Class Issues - Removes invalid entries for COM/ActiveX object that refer to a non-existing files.
  • Application Paths - Removes entries for registered application paths that no longer exist.
  • Applications - Removes invalid entries for non-existent programs.
  • Fonts - Removes invalid entries for fonts that no longer exist in the Windows Fonts folder.
  • Help Files - Removes entries referring to help files that no longer exist.
  • Installer - Removes unnecessary uninstallers or the remnants of left over uninstallations.
  • Missing Shared DLLs - Removes entries for libraries which are shared by multiple programs but no longer exist.
  • MUI Cache - Removes invalid entries from a cache of recently run programs.
  • Obsolete Software - Removes entries for applications that are no longer installed.
  • Run At Startup - Removes entries for Startup applications that no longer exist.
  • Start Menu Ordering - Removes entries for Start menu application that no longer exist.
  • Type Libraries - Removes invalid entries for type libraries that refer to non-existing files.
  • Unused File Extensions - Removes entries for file extensions that are no longer associated with applications.