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Drilling Down into an Endpoint's Results

When you select Analyze or Run Cleaner in the Cleaner section of CCleaner, you'll see the Summary Results pane (you will have to drill down to an Endpoint if you audited a Network or Group).


  • To clean an item right from the analysis list, right-click the item and then select Clean.
  • To save the list to a text file, right-click anywhere in the pane, and then select Save to text file…
  • To see all files in a category (such as Safari - Cookies), right-click that category, and then select View detailed results. This displays the Detailed Results section.

The Detailed Results pane displays a list of files which will be deleted.

CCN - Detailed Results Pane

  • The detailed results are for the category in the upper-right-hand corner (in this case, Windows Explorer - Recent Documents). To view detailed results for another category, select a category from the drop-down box.
  • To sort the list by description or by size, select the Description or Size headers.
  • To save a log of all of the detailed results, right-click any item in the list, and then select Save to text file…
  • To return to the summary results pane, select View summary results.