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CCleaner Rules - Windows

These settings appear on the Windows tab of the CCleaner section of the Management Console.

Temporary Internet Files - These are HTML files, images, JavaScript files, and other files that Internet Explorer saves as you browse.

Cookies - For a further discussion of cookies, please see the Choosing which cookies to keep topic.

History - Internet Explorer stores pages you've visited and the time and date you visited them.

Recently Typed URLs - Internet Explorer saves your recently-typed URLs so it can suggest them as you type new URLs with the same starting letters. This rule removes them.

Index.dat files - These files function as an index for the browser, and store temporary information about URLs, search queries, and recently stored files to speed up browser operation.

Last Download Location - Internet Explorer remembers where you downloaded the last file.

Cached Feeds - Web feed is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content. If deleted, it will be redownloaded upon next Browser restart

Add-ons Statistics – Internet Explorer stores all internal statistics about add-ons, which were installed on IE.

Autocomplete Form History - Once you've used Internet Explorer for a while, you'll notice that as you start typing letters into a text box on a form, it will present you with suggestions. Note: Using this cleaning rule will also deleted your saved passwords.

Saved Passwords - Internet Explorer stores passwords for pages you've visited.