Optimizing Endpoints

Document Endpoint Health
Folder Cleaning Files
This section explains how to use CCleaner Network to clean extraneous files and settings from Endpoints.
Folder Cleaning the Registry
This section explains how to use CCleaner Network to optimize Endpoint Registries by cleaning unneeded entries.
Document Using Tools
Folder Using Defraggler (CCleaner Network Professional)
CCleaner Network Professional includes Defraggler, Piriform’s professional, fast, and intelligent defragmentation tool. This section explains how to use it to speed up Endpoints.
Folder Changing What the Cleaner Cleans
You can customize what CCleaner Network cleans completely. This section explains how to modify which sections of Windows, which applications, and which users CCleaner Network cleans.
Folder Typical Management Tasks
This section explains how you can use CCleaner Network to diagnose common Endpoint issues such as slowdowns, crashes, and lack of hard drive space, and how to resolve them. It also descibes common CCleaner Network maintenance tasks.
Document Adding Custom Programs to Be Cleaned

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