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Licensing Overview

Endpoint License Requirements

You only need to buy licenses for Endpoints where you want to install the Endpoint Agent. There is a minimum of 10 licenses required per Network, and each Endpoint Agent will only run on one computer.

An Endpoint license is valid for cleaning all profiles on an Endpoint.

For example, if you have 500 Endpoints and 25 servers, you would require 525 licenses.  You can purchase fewer licenses if you do not want to run CCleaner Network on all the Endpoints on your Network.  There are slightly different rules regarding Terminal Server, virtual hosts, and multiple Networks.

Endpoint License Transfers and Additions

The Endpoint Agent license is not designed to be moved between Endpoints once installed.  However, we do allow for replacement hardware. Should you need to remove an Endpoint from your Network, you can delete the old hardware from your license list and add the replacement hardware.

If you need to purchase additional licenses for an existing installation, please contact us and we can easily add extra licenses for you.