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Network Requirements

CCleaner Network supports the following configurations:

  • Local Area Networks, or secure Networks such as VPNs
  • LDAP and Active Directory (or, you can add hosts manually)
  • Networks without domains
  • Terminal Services

Note: CCleaner Network is not designed to be used over the Internet.

Communication Port Requirements

The following ports must be open on the hosts where the Management Service, Management Console and Endpoint Agent are installed:

  • CCleaner Network communication (TCP 10268-10269)
  • CCleaner Network communication (UDP 10270 and 41352-41353)
  • NetBIOS communication ports (UDP and TCP 135-139, 445)
  • Windows File Sharing ports (UDP and TCP 135-139, 445)
  • Ping (ICMP)

If you are using the standard Windows Firewall, then the component installer will automatically configure your firewall.  If you are using a third-party firewall, then you will need to configure these ports manually.