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Local Installation

Creating an agent installer

  1. In the right hand pane, select Create agent installer.
    CCleaner Network - Create Endpoint Installer
  2. Choose a location to save the installer, and then select Save.

This procedure creates a standard Windows Installer (.MSI) file that can be run on the Endpoint, or deployed across your Network using a script.

Deploying the Agent locally

You can now run the installer on the Endpoint you wish to add to your Network.  This can be done by Remote Desktop, scripting Group Policy, or your normal deployment method.


  1. If the Endpoint was not already in the Network before the Agent was installed, you will need to re-scan your Network to add it - it will not appear automatically.
  2. If you will be using a script to deploy the installer, you can use the /qn flag to install it silently. For example:
\\file server\share\ccn-agent-version.msi /qn