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Changing the CCleaner Network Database

By default, CCleaner Network installs with a SQLite database. You can change the database, its location, or its type (CCleaner Network supports SQLite and MSSQL).

Note: Be sure to stop the Management Service before changing the Network database.

Changing the database

  1. Create a new SQLite or MSSQL database that will hold the CCleaner Network records.
  2. In the Management Service configuration tool, stop the CCleaner Network service by selecting CCN Stop Button.
  3. Select Actions > Change Data Storage.
  4. In the Database Type box, select SQLite or MSSQL.
  5. Fill out the boxes on the Change Data Storage property sheet.
    CCN - Changing the CCN Database
  6. Select Test Connection.
  7. If the connection is valid, select Save.
  8. Restart the CCleaner Network Management Service by selecting CCN Start Button.