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CCleaner Network

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I download a trial version?
Yes, click here to download

Introduction - This section explains what CCleaner Network does, how it works, and its system requirements for Endpoints, servers, and networks.

Installation - Here you'll learn how to set up CCleaner Network for a trial installation, a typical installation, and installations using advanced techniques.

Optimizing Endpoints - CCleaner Network is a multifunction tool for keeping Endpoints safe, secure, and fast. Discover how to clean files, settings, and the Windows Registry for Endpoints, manage which programs start with Windows on Endpoints, choose which files and Registry entries to include or exclude, and more.

Configuring the Management Service - The Management Service lies at the heart of CCleaner Network. You can use the Management Service Configuration tool to manage the service and work with the CCleaner Network database.

Reporting - CCleaner Network's extensive reports enable you to keep tabs on your Network and your Endpoints. We'll show you how to generate them, customize them, and print, email, or export them.

Support - CCleaner Network provides tools and techniques to troubleshoot common issues. This section also provides links for more information and assistance.

Licensing - Explore how CCleaner Network is licensed, as well as special cases and how to activate a network license manually.