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Excluding Files and Folders From Cleaning

You can choose specific files and folders to be included or excluded from Cleaner operations.

Note: If you add an exclusion, that file will never be cleaned, regardless of the selections you make on the Cleaner screen.

To exclude files or folders from the Cleaner process:

  1. In the left pane of CCleaner for Mac, click Options, and then click Exclude.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Work with the Exclude dialog box as follows:


To Work with the Exclude Dialog Box




To choose a volume or folder to exclude, select Volume or Folder, click Browse and then click the folder or volume.

To choose a file to exclude, select File, click Browse and then click the file. If you choose this option, you can only add one file per rule.

File Types

This selection is only relevant when you have selected Volume or Folder.

By default, CCleaner will exclude all files in the selected volume or folder. You can choose to exclude only files of a certain type. To do so, click File Types: and type one or more file extensions. For example,

*.tmp to exclude all .TMP files

*.log;*.txt to exclude all .LOG and .TXT files

Note: If you exclude a folder, files in any subfolders within that folder are excluded as well.