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CCleaner Browser Tools

CCleaner Browser comes packed with built-in security and privacy features to keep you safe online. Here’s what they do:

  • Adblock

    Adblock stops advertisements from loading on the webpages you visit, which improves the speed and safety of your browsing sessions. Adblock is enabled by default.

  • Anti-Fingerprinting

    Websites and ad networks can use your unique browser configuration (referred to as your ‘browser fingerprint’), to track you. Your browser fingerprint is comprised of data related to your device configuration, browser, and history of your online behavior, which is continuously stored while you interact with webpages. Anti-Fingerprinting helps disguise your digital fingerprint to prevent websites from identifying and tracking you without your consent.

    NOTE: The Anti-Fingerprinting feature can hide information that certain websites need to operate properly. If you encounter problems with a website you normally visit, you can temporarily disable the feature. Go to the Security and Privacy Center and click the slider on the Anti-Fingerprinting tile so that it changes from blue to gray.

  • Anti-Phishing

    Anti-Phishing blocks malicious websites and phishing attempts while you browse the web. It also prevents you from downloading potentially malicious content from the web, which may try to infect your PC. Anti-Phishing is enabled by default.

  • Anti-Tracking

    The Anti-Tracking feature protects your privacy by preventing websites, analytics companies, advertising networks, and other web services from tracking your online activity. It also uses filters to completely remove web bugs, tracking scripts, and other information collectors from the sites you visit. Anti-Tracking is enabled by default.

  • CCleaner

    CCleaner cleans system junk and browsing data to help protect your privacy, speed up your PC and keep it working better, for longer. (Note: This will only display in CCleaner Browser's Security & Privacy Center if CCleaner is installed).

  • Extension Guard

    Extension Guard prevents untrusted extensions (also known as add-ons and plug-ins) from being installed in CCleaner Browser. This feature is enabled by default.

  • Flash Blocker

    Flash-based content opens your PC to security vulnerabilities, takes up space on your PC, and can use a large percentage of your PC's battery life. The Flash Blocker feature blocks Flash-based content from running on your PC, unless you choose to allow it.

  • HTTPS Encryption

    HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is a more secure version of the standard HTTP connection. HTTPS adds encryption which prevents others from eavesdropping, and helps ensure that you are connected to the intended server. The HTTPS Encryption feature in CCleaner Browser ensures that each website you visit uses an HTTPS connection where supported. HTTPS Encryption is enabled by default.

  • Password Manager

    The Password Manager feature in CCleaner Browser allows you to securely stores your passwords in one location. This means that you only have to remember one master password.

  • Privacy Cleaner

    Privacy Cleaner clears your browsing history, cached images, cookies and more to help protect your privacy and frees up space on your PC.

  • Stealth Mode

    Stealth Mode is a privacy feature that prevents your browsing history from being stored and deletes any tracking cookies or web caches you acquire during your Stealth Mode browsing session.

  • Video Downloader

    The Video Downloader feature allows you to easily download video and audio content from your favorite sites.

    To use this feature, click the Video Downloader icon in the top-right corner of the screen, then select the video and format you want to download.

    Please note that Video Downloader may not be compatible with all websites.

  • Webcam Guard

    Webcam Guard gives you more control over which websites can access your webcam. Each time a website you visit tries to access your webcam, a notification appears asking you to Allow or Keep blocking the website.

All these tools can be managed in CCleaner Browser’s Security and Privacy Center.