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CCleaner Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is CCleaner so great?
It's fast and portable! And also
because it's made by Piriform.

2. What are the system requirements?
Click here to view

3. Where do I download it from?
Click here to download now

4. Does CCleaner support Windows 8?
Yes, CCleaner now has full Windows 8

Introducing CCleaner - Learn about the basics of CCleaner, what it can do for you.

Using CCleaner - Find out how to run every aspect of CCleaner.

CCleaner Rules - Explore what each CCleaner setting does and how you can customize it to fit your needs.

CCleaner Settings - Learn about CCleaner's other options.

CCleaner How Tos - Discover how to run CCleaner from a USB drive, or how to use it to list installed programs.

Troubleshooting - If you're having a problem installing or running CCleaner, this is the place to go.

Advanced Usage - If you're an advanced user, here you'll find information on manipulating CCleaner with command-line parameters and INI files.