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Interactive drive map

Defraggler can show you how fragmented specific files are on your PC - before you defrag them.

Once you select a drive, Defraggler shows you the interactive drive map: a visual representation of how the space on your hard drive is filled (or empty).

By default, empty space on your drive is represented by white boxes (the size of each box depends on the size of your drive and how big the Defraggler window is). Blocks of hard drive containing files are red (if they are fragmented) or blue (if they are not fragmented).

You can see at a glance how much of your drive is fragmented, where those fragments are, and other aspects of your drive. Consult the Defraggler Drive Map Legend for a full description of each color code.

Now that you've got this information, what can you do with it? The drive map is interactive, which means you can use it to identify specific groups of files.

For example, if you hover your mouse over a red or blue box, a tooltip will tell you how many files are in the block. Click the block and the list of files in that location appears in the Highlighted file list.

From here, you can select one or all files in the block to defragment, select all files in a folder, save the list of files to a text file, or even view the folder in Windows Explorer.

Defraggler's Interactive Drive Map gives you immediate graphical insight into what's on your drive.