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Compact and portable

A lot of utilities are big, ungainly pieces of software that take a long time to download, a long time to install, and use up a lot of resources on your computer.

If you're like us, you've been disappointed by utilities that seem to monopolize your Windows PC and insist on getting their work done without letting you get yours done.

When we set out to create Defraggler, we wanted to come up with a lightweight application that would defragment your hard drive easily and quickly - without being a burden on your system or getting in your way.

We're proud that the Defraggler installation file is only around 3MB. That's about the size of an MP3 you might download, or a short video you might post to YouTube. On a normal broadband connection, Defraggler should take only a few seconds to download.

Installation takes just under a minute, and you'll be ready to defrag your hard drive and start speeding up your PC in no time.

Other defrag utilities take over your system while you're using them and can take hours to run. Defraggler is small and uses few resources, so that you can keep working on your PC, without annoying slowdowns.

Small is beautiful.  And so is Defraggler.