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Trouble downloading CCleaner products with Windows XP

Note for Internet Explorer Users on Windows XP with Service Pack 3

If you have Windows XP and you're using Internet Explorer to access the internet, you may have noticed problems downloading CCleaner and other software from

We recently made a change to our website to prevent file downloads over HTTP. It now requires a HTTPS connection to download install files.

Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, and does not offer users the ability to download files over secure connections like HTTPS when using Internet Explorer.

Why have we done this?

We made this change to protect our users against potential browser hijacking attacks by third-party attackers. Downloading files over HTTP might mean it is possible for an attacker to hijack the connection and make your computer download malware, spyware or other harmful programs, instead of the software you thought you were getting.

While only 1.5% of our users have this combination of operating system and browser, we believe it is best to require the most secure connection possible when downloading our files, to prevent any chance of a third party trying to infect our users.

What can I do if I see a connection error message when trying to Download CCleaner?

  • If you're using Windows XP we strongly advise you to upgrade to Windows 10 as it is far more secure
  • In the short term, you can download, install and use the latest versions of either Chrome or Firefox browsers
  • If you cannot upgrade your operating system or browser you can download the installer on another PC and copy the installer across on a USB stick

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our support team on