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Computer very slow?

PC users are becoming increasingly focused on privacy and security, as they should be.

It’s not surprising when you consider the wave of high profile data breaches that have occurred within the last five years. If you find your current computer is very slow, it may be due to a virus that has found its way onto your PC due to bad browser hygiene practices, or because you’ve simply not been giving your PC the maintenance it needs. This article explains how clearing your browsing data can help improve security, plus some other easy ways to ensure that your PC runs quickly. When you go online your browser will often store items such as:

  • Cookies

  • Active logins

  • Browsing

  • Download history

  • Offline website data

  • Site preferences

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your browser stores information like this to make your online session quick and hassle-free by creating a shortcut for itself. The price for this convenience is that it can open up your PC to attack or provide a hacker with sensitive information if an attack occurs. For example, if you regularly use a laptop for travel and connect to public WiFi networks, a sophisticated hacker may be able to gain access to your computer. Once inside they can take advantage of your active login sessions, which can then allow them to access your accounts. Scary stuff. Another reason to clear your browsing data is to increase your level of privacy.

It’s common for websites to track your online movements and to build a profile of who you are in order to better advertise to you. This can be useful for people who want to see more relevant ads, but many people consider this an invasion of privacy. If you’re asking yourself ‘Why is my computer very slow?’ it may be because you need to do more to protect your data online.

CCleaner can help solve this problem by quickly and safely deleting your browsing data, plus it offers a multitude of other tools to clean and tweak your PC so it runs at peak performance. It allows you to control which programs start when you switch on your PC so it boots faster, can update all your software in one go to close any security loopholes that might be found by hackers, and can fix your registry so that it has fewer errors. Download our free award-winning PC cleaning and optimization software today, which has been downloaded over 2.5 billion times.


  • How do I fix a slow, freezing computer?

    If your computer starts slowing down, it could have too many temporary files and other junk in addition to too many programs clogging up your hard drive. Freezing might be caused by some undetected malware or hard disk errors.

  • How do I fix a slow hard drive?

    Many things can cause a hard drive to become slow including fragmented files on your drive, overloaded storage, disk errors and malware. How you fix it can also depend on which operating system you’re using.

  • What causes a computer to slow down?

    Computers can accumulate problems that cause them to slow down over time. These can range from overloaded hard drives and fragmented files to infrequent software updates, viruses, malware and more.