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Computer running slow? How to fix it in 3 ways

If you find yourself navigating your favorite search engine via your smartphone, tablet, or PC for search terms like, “how to fix a slow running computer”, here are 3 things to think about. 

A malware infection

If you use a specific computer for most of your daily browsing activity or one you’ve had for a while, it could be infected with malware that’s leeching precious processing power away from important apps and system processes. This can also extend to your web browser or worse the operating system itself. Not good. Apart from the standard practice of avoiding clickbait and suspicious websites, the best way to defend your PC from malware (and remove it) is by investing in some effective antivirus and or anti-malware software and updating it regularly. To prevent malware, you could also try our secure browser equipped with a great tool to help block malicious websites and downloads, helping you browse the web more safely.

Loads of startup programs

There’s a possibility that you have too many apps running during your PC’s startup procedure. Some programs come with a preset option to auto-launch each time your computer starts. If too many do this at once, it can definitely slow down your computer. Windows makes it easy for you to see if this is going on through the ‘Task Manager’ app, but CCleaner can actually resolve this problem too while carrying out other important PC maintenance tasks.

Forgotten updates 

Keeping your software updated is easy to overlook, but it can be important for patching security weaknesses in your computer as well as fixing software bugs and performance issues. That’s why CCleaner Professional has an in-built tool to schedule updates for different PC programs for you. You can also try the free version today. Once installed, it’s already equipped with several features to improve your computer’s performance and increase its lifespan. What’s not to like? Here’s where you can download CCleaner. 


  • How do I clean up my Windows 7 computer?

    Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, but there are still ways to clean up your computer and speed it up. From optimizing your hard drive, to disabling needless startup apps and much more, CCleaner and Defraggler can do these for you automatically.

  • How do I remove junk files from Windows 7?

    Are you a Windows 7 user? Removing junk can help your PC, but it’s important not to delete files your system actually needs. CCleaner helps you get around this issue thanks to simple tools like Health Check that analyze your PC so you can delete junk safely.

  • How do I clean my hard drive Windows 7?

    Cleaning your hard disk on your older Windows 7 computer doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. Microsoft may no longer support this operating system, but our PC-cleaning apps can still help you optimize your Windows 7 PC.