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Extend PC Life by 2 Years
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Most organizations are looking to extend the life of their current fleet of desktops and laptops in order to reduce capital expenditure. Budget saved now can be invested in higher return investment areas or not spent at all.
If a system is running, why replace it? And with the increase in cloud and web based applications, the majority of user's system use will be browser based and less PC hardware dependent further extending PC life 2 years by optimizing performance with CCleaner software from Piriform.

Benefits of a Clean PC
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This whitepaper discusses the benefits of maintaining clean PCs across your business. Covering efficiency, speed, instabilities, identity theft and corporate policy.
Clean computers are faster for the individual user and safer for the company. These benefits directly influence costs. A well-managed PC runs more efficiently for a longer period, extending the hardware upgrade cycle, and also reduces the threat of expensive security breaches.