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Why businesses should use Defraggler

When you access a file on your Windows PC, your operating system delivers the entire file to your screen in one piece. But behind the scenes, that file is actually being stored in hundreds of different physical locations throughout your hard drive, and compiled into the single document you see on demand. Over time, your file system will spread those bits and pieces of documents over more and more small physical locations. What's the result? It takes the file system more time to collect all the pieces. You start to see a lag time when you call up a document.

Regular use of a defragmentation utility reorganizes how your file system stores documents, making your computer more responsive. Defraggler is the number one utility for defragmentation. Why should you use Defraggler?

Get an instant boost in speed

Remember when you first took the computer out of the box, and how fast it seemed to you? It's not just your imagination that it seems slower now. It's real. There are several factors that make a Windows PC slower over time, and one of those is the natural increased fragmentation of the file storage system. Files aren't physically stored on your hard drive in one discrete piece - they are stored in small bits that are scattered throughout the drive, and retrieved on demand. Making sure the storage is optimized gives you faster file retrieval times - and keeps your staff more productive.

Increase the life of your computer

Businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to save money, and often, that means holding on to equipment that you would otherwise replace. But holding onto older computers can actually cost money because of the slower performance and higher maintenance costs. Using Defraggler on a regular basis can increase the life of your computer by as much as 12 months, simply by optimizing how your file system uses your hard drive, improving performance, and keeping your older computers running like new.

Keep your IT support costs down

When your computer slows down, end-users don't always know the reason - they just know it takes longer to access files than it used to. When they call tech support for help, it takes time and money to diagnose and repair the problem. Regular use of Defraggler avoids this unexpected downtime, keeps tech support costs down, and keeps your end users productive and happy. And what's more, because Defraggler is so easy to use, your end users can use it themselves, without having to rely on an overburdened tech support staff.

Keep your staff productive

Fragmented files is a major reason why computers slow down over time. The computer actually breaks up files and stores them over several physical locations on your hard drive. This is transparent to the end user, but in the background, this fragmentation builds up - and the result is slower performance. Fragmentation may even result in crashes or frozen screens. Keep your staff productive! Defraggler is a simple way to prevent computer problems, avoid downtime, improve response and keep the work flowing!