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These handy datasheets give you more detailed information about our optimization tools. Download to find out how Piriform's award-winning products can benefit you and your business.

CCleaner Business Edition datasheet

For maintaining desktops, servers, and virtual endpoints, CCleaner Business Edition is the most cost-effective solution. It cleans multiple user profiles, updates itself automatically, supports scripting, and comes with priority technical support.
Download CCleaner Business Edition datasheet (PDF, 556KB)

CCleaner Network Professional datasheet

On a multi-tenancy basis, CCleaner Network Professional’s patented network registry and file cleaner free up valuable hard drive space so Windows runs faster. This proactive network optimization tool operates from a single management console to schedule and deploy cleaning across an entire enterprise.
Download CCleaner Network Professional datasheet (PDF, 607KB)

CCleaner Technician Edition datasheet

CCleaner Technician Edition is a portable tool that keeps PCs running without interruption. It can be installed on a USB drive or used as a remote tool. CCleaner gives you total control! You can either accept CCleaner's suggestions with one click, or choose exactly what to clean and what to pass by.
Download CCleaner Technician Edition datasheet (PDF, 658KB)

Defraggler Business Edition datasheet

Defraggler Business Edition makes your endpoint hard drives faster by defragmenting files so that Windows can access them more quickly. Defraggler can be used in just two mouse clicks, or you can customize every aspect of it to work just the way you want.
Download Defraggler Business Edition datasheet (PDF, 426KB)

Recuva Business Edition datasheet

Software corruption, hardware failure, and human error can lead to the loss of valuable documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files. Recuva Business Edition is your best defense against data loss. Use either the wizard or the power mode to easily find and recover lost files.
Download Recuva Business Edition datasheet (PDF, 474KB)

Speccy Business Edition datasheet

Speccy Business Edition provides a simple, cost-effective tool for endpoint profiling. See the exact components inside each endpoint. Speccy can also export data to the web or in XML format, so it’s compatible with many enterprise-wide asset management tools.
Download Speccy Business Edition datasheet (PDF, 482KB)