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Why businesses should use CCleaner

Get more out of your computer! CCleaner, the number-one tool for increasing the speed and lifetime of your computer, gives you an instant boost in performance. IT experts recommend cleaning your Windows PC on a regular basis. Professional IT organizations use registry cleaning utilities to get the most out of their computers, and now, you can use CCleaner too. It's easy, it's inexpensive, and it delivers.

Why should your business use CCleaner? Here are just a few reasons:

Get an instant boost in speed

Computers often tend to slow down with time. It's not because of the hardware - it's because over time, unused programs accumulate, often running in the background without you knowing it. Changes may be made in the registry that are no longer needed, and your cache file grows and makes response slower when you're surfing the Internet. Cleaning out all of these unused, redundant and unnecessary files delivers a speed boost instantaneously, helping to keep you and your staff more productive.

Increase the life of your computer

Third-party surveys have shown that most companies have a two- to three-year refresh rate for their Windows PCs. But even in the space of two years, a corrupted registry can cause a computer to slow down, or not boot up at all. In some cases, it can even cause permanent damage. Regular use of the CCleaner registry utility eliminates these problems, and increases the usable life of your computer by as much as 12 months. That means your computer hardware costs go down by 33%!

Keep your IT support costs down

Corrupted registries can cause big problems that lead to substantial downtime, and heavy support costs. In some cases, your support team may have to do a complete re-install, and take time to restore data and settings. Regular use of CCleaner helps guard against this sort of unexpected downtime, while helping keep support costs down. It's one of the easiest to use registry cleaners on the market, with affordable licensing available for corporations. And because of CCleaner's backup and restore feature, you'll be completely safe at all times - with no risk of accidentally deleting something functional. Regular use of CCleaner can cut your IT support costs in half - saving thousands of dollars a year.

Keep your data secure and private

Most companies acknowledge the need for a coherent policy on document retention and deletion, for the purposes of privacy as well as compliance. But when you legitimately delete a file, is it fully deleted from the computer, or is it still in the cache somewhere? You may be leaving your company open to unnecessary review of documents that you have already legitimately deleted. A regular cleaning makes sure that what you've deleted is actually gone. In addition, use of CCleaner helps guard against the ill effects of employee use of unauthorized software - which slows down the computer and clutters the registry.

Keep control over your telecommuting environment

More businesses are either outsourcing or launching a telecommute program, and as a result are opening up their networks outside of the immediate boundaries of the four corporate walls. This new level of openness delivers great advantages, but it also could leave the network vulnerable. The IT department has less control over those external computers, which means unauthorized programs, system changes, and yes, even registry changes could find their way into your network, causing unintentional problems. Regular monitoring of your network, and use of CCleaner helps you keep control over your IT environment. And, because of the inexpensive corporate licensing, CCleaner is inexpensive enough to deploy to all computers - even the remote ones.