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CCleaner Unveils First-in-Kind Privacy Feature for Kamo

Kamo 4.0 combines VPN and anti-fingerprinting technology for the first time to enter a new era of privacy protection.

London, 26th April, 2022: CCleaner, a global leader in system optimization software, has today announced a powerful privacy addition to its popular Kamo tool.

Kamo 4.0 now masks users’ digital fingerprints with Private Connection, combining VPN technology and anti-fingerprinting for the first time, and setting new standards for privacy protection.

Private Connection creates a secure and encrypted tunnel between a user’s PC and the internet to hide their location and stop web service providers, governments, and hackers from intercepting and monitoring online browsing activity. Kamo’s anti-fingerprinting technology creates new randomized fingerprints to throw trackers off.

The combination of the VPN and CCleaner’s patented anti-fingerprinting technology, which masks users’ digital identity, offers a powerful suite of privacy features which delivers greater online privacy and security for consumers.

“It’s vital you take extra steps to protect your privacy online as clearing cookies or blocking ads doesn’t stop you from being tracked via digital fingerprinting. In fact, companies can easily identify people to a high degree of accuracy. That’s where Kamo 4.0 and its dual protection comes in to drastically reduce tracking attempts – setting new standards for online privacy,” said David Peterson, General Manager at CCleaner.

The benefits of Kamo 4.0 include: 

  • Prevents online tracking -Each device has a unique fingerprint that can be used to identify and track people. Kamo regularly creates new randomized fingerprints to throw trackers off.
  • Prevents online ID theft -Thousands of companies collect user data, but most don't protect it. Kamo ensures that companies can’t create a unique profile of users which mitigates the risk of people’s data being stolen in the event of a data breach.
  • Shields your browsing history from prying eyes -Evenevercookies and zombie cookies, which are difficult to delete and can resist cleaning attempts, are removed by Kamo in seconds.
  • Uncovers trackers, and stops them -Kamo shows users which websites are trying to scoop up personal, family, medical, and financial data, and stops them.
  • Automatically syncs with all browsers -Kamo detects the browsers on a user’s computer and protects all of them.

To download a free 14-day trial CCleaner Kamo, visit the CCleaner website:

About CCleaner

CCleaner was founded in 2004 and is a leading provider of device optimization software. Its portfolio of software tools that optimize computing performance, improves security and extends the useful life of hardware. A CCleaner product is installed more than 23 million times a month.

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Source: Piriform Software Ltd