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CCleaner launches New Driver Updater Feature

New feature in CCleaner Professional helps with the management of drivers, delivering a faster and healthier PC

London, June 17 2021 – CCleaner, a global leader in system optimization software, has today announced the launch of Driver Updater, a new feature for CCleaner Professional. Driver Updater scans, updates and fixes a PC’s drivers – giving users a quicker, enhanced and more stable PC.

Out-of-date drivers cause device instability, crashes and underperformance issues. Commonly, users don’t update drivers in a timely manner as it can be time-consuming and complicated for the average user, with many built-in tools doing a poor job of maintenance. The introduction of Driver Updater solves these issues by taking all of the onus off the user. The benefits of updating drivers using CCleaner’s new Driver Updater include:

  • Reduced crashes, bugs and other system issues. Outdated and buggy drivers are the cause of up to 70% of system crashes according to Microsoft*.
  • Improved hardware performance, including audio, sound, and keyboard, so users can work or enjoy their hobbies without having to worry about their PC letting them down.
  • Prolonged life of hardware and peripherals by hosting drivers for products that have been abandoned by their manufacturers, and can no longer be found on their sites.
  • Delivery of a better gaming experience, with better frame rates and excellent sound quality.
  • Saved time, effort and stress involved in looking for individual updates online and applying them. Driver Updater can find and apply updates in one go.
  • Ensured safety of the drivers by assessing them against eight different antivirus engines, storing them in a secure cloud, and checking them again on download.

Driver Updater fits into CCleaner Professional’s existing product feature set, delivering value to customers without the need to download any additional tools onto a user’s PC. The feature will support over fifty-five languages, and delivers over five million drivers for nearly 350,000 hardware devices.

David Peterson, General Manager at CCleaner comments, “Driver Updater ensures that the burden of managing drivers is taken from users and becomes part of the CCleaner Professional feature set. CCleaner wraps up a whole host of performance boosting tools into one easy-to-use package to simplify peoples’ digital lives — no matter their technical knowhow.”

To download a free trial CCleaner Professional and experience Driver Updater, visit the CCleaner website:


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