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Happy Clean Out Your Computer Day! Here's our top tips for a clean PC

Here at CCleaner, it’s our favorite day of the year! Clean Out Your Computer Day celebrates exactly what CCleaner was created to do. 

Using a slow and cluttered computer can be frustrating, and put your privacy at risk. Clearing out applications that you no longer use, updating software and removing temporary files from your hard drive can make a big difference to your machine’s performance, and extend the useful life of your hardware.

Here are our top tips for getting your PC to run faster and more efficiently:

1. Download and run CCleaner

Over time, unnecessary temporary files and cache data will accumulate on your computer. CCleaner, which is available for PC and Mac, will clean out the junk from your machine to free up valuable space and allow your computer to work better. Erasing browsing history and tracking files, which is done as part of a standard CCleaner clean, will also help protect your privacy and stop pesky ads following you around online.

2. Uninstall unwanted programs 

In the CCleaner ‘Tools’ tab you will find a list of programs on your computer. To uninstall unwanted items, including pre-installed apps that you may not use, simply choose the software and click ‘Uninstall’. CCleaner can help you get rid of apps even when Microsoft won’t let you via the usual ‘Add or remove programs’ settings menu.

3. Update software 

Again in the ‘Tools’ tab, navigate to ‘Software Updater’ to view a list of the apps on your PC with an available update, then click ‘Update’ to get their latest versions in one go. Regularly updating the software on your computer will prevent security vulnerabilities that can expose you to cyberattacks and also give you the latest features. 

4. Manage startup items 

The ‘Tools’ tab will also help you to manage startup items, helping your PC to start up faster. Simply disable the programs that you don’t need to use as soon as you switch on your computer. 

5. Schedule regular cleans

CCleaner Professional users can also set a cleaning schedule for their computers. In the ‘Options’ tab go to ‘Scheduling’ and choose how often you would like to run CCleaner automatically. This will help you ensure that your PC stays clean, fast and secure without you having to do a thing! If you don’t have a CCleaner Professional license, you can try it for free here - no card details required! 

We hope that helps! If you have any comments, please tweet us. We're @CCleaner.

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