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Happy Clean Out Your Computer Day! (Clean yours in less than five minutes)

Here at Piriform HQ, it’s our favorite day of the year! Clean Out Your Computer Day celebrates exactly what CCleaner was born to do.

Like any machine, unless you look after your computer properly its performance will deteriorate over time. After only a few months of daily use, you might notice it slowing. It’s commonly thought that this is due to a computer's age and after two or three years it will automatically become redundant, but this is actually a myth. Unless you’ve upgraded, the hardware inside - which is what largely dictates your computer's performance - is the same as the day you bought it. The operating system and software might slightly degrade, but not noticeably. The real culprit is the junk (in the form of unnecessary files, browsing data and cache items) accumulated during its day-to-day use.

Using a slow computer is frustrating and a waste of your time. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Here’s how to inject some speed into your sluggish computer - in less than five minutes!

1. Download CCleaner
There are two versions of CCleaner: Free and Professional. Both versions are available for PC and Mac
CCleaner Free lets you clean your computer manually whenever you want. CCleaner Professional does all of this automatically, plus gives you instant updates, priority support and more.
PC users can trial CCleaner Professional for 14 days, for free – no card details required.

2. Analyze and clean
Simply click ‘Analyze’ and then ‘Run Cleaner’. For most, computer users, cleaning using the default settings is just right. They are carefully chosen to give you the best clean without removing anything you may want to keep, such as your passwords (although we recommend these are periodically cleaned for security reasons).

3. Uninstall unwanted programs
Go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Uninstall’ to see a list of programs on your computer, then remove any you no longer use. CCleaner for PC can even remove some of the Windows 10 default apps you can’t get rid of.

4. Manage startup items
Go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Startup’ to see a list of programs set to run when your computer starts. If there are any apps in this list that you don’t use right after your computer turns on, you can disable them here.

5. Fix Registry issues (PC only)
Go to ‘Registry’, click on ‘Scan for Issues’ and then ‘Fix Selected Issues’. A box will pop up which asks if you’d like to backup changes to the Registry, which we recommend you do.

Set and forget!
If you’re using the Professional version, make the most of its feature set by turning on automatic cleaning, which is found in the ‘Monitoring’ and ‘Settings’ menu within ‘Options'. Simply set, forget and you’ll always be using a clean, fast computer!

So, that should take less than five minutes! If you have any comments please tweet us. We're @CCleaner.

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