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Defraggler Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's different about Defraggler?
You can use it to defragment individual files as well as your entire hard drive - something our competitors simply can't do.

2. What are the system requirements?
You'll find them here.

3. Where do I download Defraggler from?
You can download it from our site.

4. Does Defraggler support Windows 8?
Yes, Defraggler has full Windows 8 support.

5. Can I run Defraggler on Solid State Drives?
Yes you can optimize your SSD using the TRIM funtion with Defraggler. Find out more here!

Introducing Defraggler - Learn what makes Defraggler unique, why you should use it, and what you'll need to get started.

Using Defraggler - This section describes the various ways you can use Defraggler to speed up your hard drive.

Defraggler Settings - Here you'll find how to tweak Defraggler to perform the way you want it to, including positioning more frequently-used files so they will run more quickly.

Troubleshooting - If you have any issues running Defraggler, check here.

Technical Information - For those who want to know the nuts and bolts of how Defraggler works, this section explains it all.

Advanced Usage - Want to run Defraggler from a USB drive, or in other custom ways? You'll find tips and tricks for advanced usage here.